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Vehicle for video inspection and rehabilitation in Guadeloupe


Agrippa delivers a fitted vehicle for video inspection and rehabilitation of underground sewers in Guadeloupe.

Since end of February 2013, the company based in Guadeloupe Karukera Assainissement has a vehicle for video inspection and rehabilitation completely equipped by Agrippa.

Thanks to its experience and different collaborations Agrippa has developed its skills and can now respond to an ever more competitive market

Through this long process of discussion and exchange Agrippa and Karukera Assainissement were able to understand and advance in the realization of this fitted vehicle in order to match the needs of the field.

Agrippa has offered its skills and experience on trenchless works to Karukera Assainissement so to build up a specially designed vehicle including fitting, equipments, softwares and even advertising on the body of the truck.

This vehicle includes performing equipments, granting quality for optimal use:

- A complete Riezler video inspection system covering up to ND 600 including a perfectly ergonomic self-powered crawler, ideal for video inspection services in pipes.

- A milling robot 150/225 followed by a second milling robot 200/700 with accessories, to facilitate the work in a wide range of pipes. Each robot has a compressed air engine that generates the power required to achieve the various milling.

- A relining system with an impregnation unit for even distribution of the resin, an inversion drum essential, tool in the process of relining works, both up to ND 400 and a hot box to ensure polymerization. All of these elements allow the operator to perform manipulations of high quality in small pipes networks.

This project required several months of work. Agrippa man. Agrippa managed this project in its entirety: from the purchase of the vehicle to its delivery in Guadeloupe, offering to Karukera Assainissement a turnkey product.


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