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Agrippa sells Kardiam milling tools for cutting robots


KARDIAM, is a german company settled in Bavaria and specialized in developing and manufacturing milling tools for almost all kind of cutting robots in the sanitation market.

Since 1979, a close relationship with the customers enabled the company to build up an expertise to develop high performance diamond milling tools.

KARDIAM is now a well known manufacturer and offers a wide range of milling tools :

-- diamond plate milling tool
-- diamond globe milling tool
-- diamond finger milling tool
-- diamond cone milling tool
-- diamond cylinder milling tool

KARDIAM succes comes from the skills on the use of high quality diamonds to manufacture milling tools that combine high speed cutting and long durability.

KARDIAM and AGRIPPA have set up a partnership to distribute KARDIAM's products in France and all through the Indian Ocean.

This partnership aims to improve products availability for standard products from the catalogue and for specific requests.

KARDIAM manufactures milling tools for a wide range of cutting robots such as :

-- BJR
-- Dancutter
-- KA-TE + PMO
-- Hächler
-- HF 130
-- HF Climb 80
-- IBG
-- IST
-- IMS
-- JS
-- KRE
-- ProKasro
-- RS-Cutter
-- Schwalm
-- SubTech


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